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FOREX trading - Top 10 currency traders

FOREX trading has been increased by thirty eight percentage between April 2005 and April 2006 and more than doubled since the year 2001.  This has been possible due to the growing importance of the foreign exchange as an asset class and also an increase in fund management assets, particularly of easier for retail traders to trade in the FOREX market.

Lets see the top 10 currency traders over Forex trading:

Top 10 currency traders
% of overall volume, May 2009 
Rank Name Market-share
1 Germany Deutsche Bank                    20.96%
2 Switzerland UBS AG                            14.58%
3 United Kingdom Barclays Capital          10.45%
4 United Kingdom Royal Bank of Scotland    8.19%
5 United States Citi                             7.32%
6 United States JPMorgan                         5.43%
7 United Kingdom HSBC                            4.09%
8 United States Goldman Sachs                 3.35%
9 Switzerland Credit Suisse                      3.05%
10 France BNP Paribas                             2.26%

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